Forum logging me out

Ok, so whenever I view a discussion, then lock my device for whatever reason, and unlock it and leave the discussion, the Forums log me out. Is anyone else having this problem? It happens 70-80% of the time for me. (On iPad Mini, running latest iOS 8.something-or-other)

I’ve replicated it and it doesn’t require locking the device. Just leaving discussions does it.

sounds like a cookie problem…

same for me… always need to re-login

The forums occasionally log me out, but not every time I close a discussion. I’m on iOS 8.0.0, maybe they made some tweak in a later version of iOS 8 that’s causing the problem?

I probably get logged out of the forum once every couple of months. It happens so rarely that I’m not sure what the cause is. There are other sites that log me out after so much time has passed. I figure that’s just a maintenance type of condition. I’m currently on iOS 8.1.3 . There are times when there are updated discussions at the top of the list, but there isn’t anything to indicate that they’re updated. I just notice that they’re different than what I looked at previously.

This happens to me when I go back from a discussion to the main page, reloading the page logs me back in.