Hey guys,
So I’ve been following the tutorials or some of them and everytime I’m going to add something new to the project I duplicate it so that if something goes wrong, I have a fresh “copy.”

So in all I just have a bunch of projects that I want to keep to possibly to reference but not to really use.

Anyway, what I’m suggesting is being able to create a folder the same way you create a project and then drag and drop projects into the folder.

This would make for a cleaner uhh, line?
Cleaner project area?
Idk the word for it

I would like folders as well. However for project backup, I really like Gist and github. There are several codea apps that will update gist, github and one that will backup into your photo library on dropbox.
Gister -
Github -

These will save all changes so you can load an older version if nessesary