Folders for Projects?

Hi all. I did a quick search on the forums to see if this was suggested before, but haven’t seen any mention of it.

So after a while of using Codea, I see that I have a couple of projects I’m really working on, a couple that I’ll get back to later, and others that are finished but I want to keep. Eventually, everything gets pretty cluttered with a lot of projects and I think it’d be a cool and useful ability if there was some kind of way to put them into folders to organize them. Has this been suggested before? Thanks!

Nope, you can’t do it, yes it has been suggested, but it’s such a great app, we put up with small inconveniences like this :slight_smile:

@Perscirious I have over 450 projects and the way I group them is with a name and number. For instance, my physics projects are physics01, physics02, or my mesh projects are mesh01, mesh02, etc. I have no trouble keeping them grouped and I know the older ones are the lower numbers. They’re sorted by name so I don’t have any problems finding what I’m looking for. I have no use for folders. If you have a lot of folders, it’s no different then what you have without them.

Well I think folders are very useful. If I had to scroll through 400 projects in Codea I think I’d go mad. Folders can be used for all sorts of things.

I’m not saying folders aren’t useful, but right now I’m doing fine without them. You work with what you have. You wait for the new stuff and then you work with that. I just gave an example of how I manage 450+ projects without the need for folders. Do I have to scroll thru all those projects, no. I keep the projects I’m working on up front by naming them 01physics, 01mesh, etc. Then when I’m satisfied with them, I give them a proper name. So far that’s working for me without folders. If we never get folders, I’m fine with that. There’s a lot of other things I would like to see before folders.

I think at this point it would be even worse to add folders because then I would have to spend hours and hours organizing all my projects

To me it’s not a big problem anyways, it’s just a minor inconvenience. I’m pretty sure we can all live without it but I think it’d be a nice feature. I’d like to be able to have folders but I’m sure they’re working on more important features so I don’t mind. :slight_smile:


I am putting all my “done projects” online so currently I only have like 12 projects

Edit: Cause in GitHub are folders

put “a” as first letter of projects actively being worked on
put “b” as first letter for backups
put “f” as first letter for finished projects
sort alphabetically

I put titles, dates, etc. as text in a 350x350 image img that I set as the project icon using the statement:

saveImage(“Project:Icon”, img)