Folders don't work? (Dropbox Question)

Me and the Strawberry team (as well as other teams within our class) have experienced issues regarding folders when using dropbox. When creating sub-folders of Codea, the files disappear and the folders aren’t there.

Is this just a feature not yet added to Codea?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t play with Dropbox that much, but I don’t think that is in Codea

@MistReaper I was able to create a folder under Codea and move a file into it. The file shows in the new folder.

@dave1707, but the folder does not show in the Codea sprite picker, correct? I think you can still access it using the correct address (Dropbox/Folder:Img - I think) but you can’t view them from the sprite picker

@JakAttak I moved an image into a folder under Codea in Dropbox. I sync’d Dropbox with Codea and the image in Codea disappeared. I assume it was moved into the folder. I wasn’t able to read the image back from a project. I use an address similar to what you have above, but didn’t get anything. So I’m not sure if an image in a folder can be read or I just wasn’t using the correct format for the folder and image.

@dave1707, curse my memory, but I actually asked the same question a while back :P. John replied to mine, and as it turns out the correct address is “Dropbox:Folder/ImageName”

@JakAttak That address format worked. I created a folder in Dropbox and moved an image into it. I sync’d Dropbox and Codea and read the image even though I couldn’t see the folder or image.

That needs to be in the update: seeing your images. Doesn’t seem like something optional.

or at least seeing folders :slight_smile:

For my part I kind of wish Codea didn’t use the nonstandard “Project:filefirstname” path format for everything. IMHO, it offers a tiny bit of convenience over “Project/filename.ext”, but it does make a lot of things much more difficult :confused:

@dave1707 Does your dropbox sync properly? After updating to 7.0.4 now when I sync my dropbox it first says cannot connect to it then the second time I try it it just crashes the whole of codea!

@Luatee I just tried syncing and didn’t have any problems. But then I’m still on version 5.1.1 on my iPad1.

@dave1707 I think it is a problem with the OS version, I don’t even like iOS 7 its terrible!

@Luatee I think that’s one of the reason I don’t upgrade. It seems like more things don’t work than there are new things that are added.

IOS 7 Luddites abound…any new OS will be buggy, if you don’t like bugs, or are in middle of a project, stay on IOS 6. :slight_smile:

@aciolino Nobody likes bugs, but I especially dislike OP bugs.

(Other People’s :slight_smile: )

Waiting for iOS7.1 patiently.

I got iOS 7, and regretting every minute of it…

I don’t know why everyone dislikes iOS 7 so much, I’ve gotten used to it and some parts i actually really like.

iOS 7 fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Oh, and bluetooth is rather dodgy compared to the original 6.

The thing I dont like the most is look, they are literally charging for the bare bones