Flood+ released

Flood+ is finally in the App Store. It’s universal to be sure to check it out!! The free version will get released later on. Please check it out!!!


That looks really great @veeeralp. Nice work!

Thank you! It’s so much better than my first app! I’m trying to learn Xcode but it’s really tedious. Codea was my first introduction to code ever and I’m glad I downloaded it.


iPhone support too, great!

Nice Job @veeeralp! I’ll buy it this evening.

.@aciolino @Cabernet @yelnats Thank you!

To everyone on the forums and the wonderful people on the forum: Happy Holidays!!!
Here are some promo codes:


Without the help of you guys, my app wouldn’t be where it is today… thank you

Looks really nice - well done!

Here are more promo codes for you guys :slight_smile:


what about sales? how it going?

It’s doing significantly better than my first app. It’s not too good. About 78 downloads :frowning:

Nice work, @veeeralp. Congrats. Good luck with the game.

And thanks for the promo code.

Thanks for the codes! The colors are very pleasant. If you rework the app some day, make it lanscape compatible: many people(like me) use the ipad always on its cover, in lanscape.

.@Jmv38 I was thinking about making it landscape but I it would take so much work as I would have to do it for the iPhone/iPod too. Next, I’m going to release the free version and add game center

@veeeralp nice work. I’ve just downloaded the game and played it with a bit.

If I may give you a suggestion, can you improve the “How to play” section? It didn’t really help me that much in understanding the game, but I get the game after 2-3 levels.

.@esusatyo Yeah, I noticed it’s pretty confusing for first time users. What do you think will make it easier to understand? I think I need to put that the objective is to “flood” the whole screen.

@veeeralp It’s not going to be easy, but if you look at games like ZONR, they made you play the first game with instruction alongside the game. I like something like that.