Fire v1.2 + video

Hi everyone, (sorry if I do mistakes, I don’t speak English very well)
I just code a little arcade game, it’s a shooter with bonus box which improves the game.

How to play ?

Video of Gameplay :

Rules :

 The firing line down each time enemy reach the edge of the screen and up when you destroy one
 Green enemies increases speed shooting and red enemies reduce it

When you write your name you must touch backspace to valid

The game :

I warn you, the code is not clean, all is in the main file.

(copy and paste the text into the main file of a new project)

If you have feedback, idea to improve the game, find bug, tell me.
Hope you’ll enjoy the game.

Nice little game:)

Thanks :wink:

Retro is cool :smiley:

Yeah, and it’s easy to do :slight_smile:

Interesting game idea. Would be interesting to see where you can take it.

This is an amazing game… I think it’s worth selling. I’m OK at graphics (not great, but good), so PM me if y want graphics.