Find and Replace in the editor

Not sure if this has already been implemented (or suggested) so please excuse me if it has.
Is basic find and or replace functionality available in the editor?

If not it would certainly make for a useful addition :slight_smile:

I agree, it’s something I plan to add to the function browser button — a search bar at the top of it that displays the results within the pop-over.

Wow - thanks for the quick response, I was also about to edit the above post and ask for syntax highlighting on multiline --[[ --]] style comment blocks (but I’ll guess I’ll have sneak in a new post) :slight_smile:

Boy, I can’t tell you how much this would help. When refactoring code, I find it easier to actually copy-paste to another editor, just so I can find/replace variables and functions. As projects get larger, reading every line to find what you’re after just becomes a pain.

It’s almost as if the editor limitations in codea actually force you to become a better programmer by thinking more about each line of code before you write it rather than just banging it out and fixing it in the edit :slight_smile:

In my opinion the most important thing is the “search” feature, and it might be simple to implement, let me explain, if you add a button to group common functions for text in the editor, or add a button in a corner…well, you could use the function for find errors and it’s almost done, no?