Filling a Quadrilateral

Turns out that for an irregular quadrilateral, treating it as two triangles doesn’t work well. After a bit of computing, I’ve written a shader that handles distorted quadrilaterals gracefully. You can read about it on my website where you can also find the code (code is also on CC).

This came out of a discussion with @stevon8ter about his colour chooser class.

why does everyone on this forum forget the ‘e’ between the ‘t’ and ‘r’ ? xD everyone forgets it… like everyone…

and nice job andrew :o Thanks again

@stevon8ter if you were looking closely, you’d’ve noticed that I also put e instead of o.

hahaha that’s ok @Andrew_Stacey

but don’t let’s go to much of this awesome topic

(maybe one more thing because i know you’re a mathematician, For school I had to take part of a math competition, and as only one of my class I have to go to the next round xD I <3 math :slight_smile: )