[Feature Request] Apple TV handling

I could not seem to find any mention of how to adjust the appearance of our code when its displayed on Apple TV.
Imagine being able to flip and merge clips together for when the Apple TV displays them but still have them be as they were coded on the iPad.

For instance
on your iPad :
you have 2 clips one is upsidedown the other is right side up

but on your TV (thanks to the airplay feature with Apple TV):
both clips are 1 full screen and rightside up right next to each other.

Code for handling Apple TV like this could be expanded upon in future Codea updates.

I’d give examples of how but only if I see there’s genuine interest in implementing this in a future update.

On a sidenote: As is Codea only takes upb fraction of a wide screen HDTV when Airplay mirroring is on. Yet if you were to play videos (outside of Codea) they take up the full screen.

I’ll get back to you on whether Codeas videos take up the full screen.

My tests have revealed a few things 1 the video shot in Codea using Codeas built in video recorder won’t record exactly what you see.

When played back on Apple TV a fraction of the top and bottom were cropped out respectively and this was in landscape mode. Which brings me to my other finding. Even in Landscape mode only a fraction of your TV Screen is populated by Codea.

While it does admittedly take up more of your TV screen’s space than Portrait mode it still does not take up 100% of it.

It’s an interesting idea. I’d like to look into using an Apple TV to present the render view while you are coding.

That would lead to awesome debugging tools. Nice!