Favorite code tools for Codea, in Codea.


What are the most used / favorite Codea projects that you leverage for your coding? What are the projects you think of as "building blocks; that inspire your software to get completed?

Some of my favorite pieces of useful code:
CSG - fun 3D generator
Controllers - Screen controllers for games
Zoom - allows dynamic zooming. Doesn’t play too nice with Controllers, though!
Cider - Basic UI input and data rendering
Backup - Old backup module to archive to DropBox

Note that I am not mentioning Codea add-ons in this thread; if there are any that are wildly popular, I’d love to know about them, too!

Cider 7’s quite cool

#Public projects

  • Codea Community
  • Cider

#My Dev Library

  • fps and mem bar
  • Debug info that can be toggled by priority and can send an email of the debug log.
  • Scene manager for fast prototyping
  • Event System
  • Documenting system
  • Just added toffers pimp my print.