A program for the FAMILYTREE

The program shows in the center the proband with partner.
In the above, the parents and grandparents. Below the kids.
If you double click on an image, this subject is placed as proband in the center.
All images are then updated.
In the program, the data must be entered in two tables.
In the table, d = {} - ID is entered first. Then name etc.
In the table t = {} is the linkage of ID.
1 ID of the grandfather 1
2 ID of the grandmother 1
3 ID of the grandfather 2
4 ID of the grandmother 2
5 ID of the father
6 ID of the mother
7 ID of the proband
8 ID of the partner
9 ID of the child 1
10 … 22 ID child 2…14
If no data are known, enter a zero.

The images on the computer in the format create 100 pixels wide and 120 pixels high.
Save image as An.png. n = ID of the proband
If no image is present the picture A0.png is used.

Open the folder on the computer to Dropbox/Apps/Codea-
and copy the created images into it.
On the iPad start Codea. Open sprite packs. There, open the Dropbox folder.
Above click the button-Synchronize.
Then all the images are transferred from the computer to the iPad and is available.

Example load images:

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