External Keyboard - Feature Request - Shortcut bar and Shortcuts

Hi guys!

Sorry if I’m pointing out something that has already been suggested, but I’ve been reading through a lot of posts and have not found the same request.

It would be very nice if, when using external keyboard, the shortcut bar was a little bit different. Instead of the “parens” and “double quotes” button, it would be good to have something like “open sprite explorer” and “color picker”.

What do you guys think about it? Also I’ve read discussions on external keyboard shortcut keys, which would be also great for those and other tasks.

Thank you.

I haven’t seen the other discussions, but one I’d definitely like to see is “undo”. I’m using a (really nice) Zagg keyboard and Ctrl-Z or Cmd-Z don’t activate undo, although some other Ctrl keys work (like Ctrl-A for beginning-of-line and Ctrl-E for end-of-line).

@starblue Shake your iPad. If you can use the soft keyboard, though, there’s an undo button behind .?123, and a redo button behind #+=.

I have the Zagg Profolio+ which I’ve had for a couple of weeks and love it :wink: The Cmd-Z does work for me for Undo…

You are right, @brookesi! Ctrl-Z doesn’t work but Cmd-Z does! I could’ve sworn I had tried it and failed. Thanks!

@skyTheCoder are you serious there’s undo under.? 123? I’ll try that as soon as i get to my ipad. been suffering without undo.