Exporting loadstring and saveProjectTab functions

Hi !

I’m doing a program and I am using functions such as saveProjectTab and loadstring. I haven’t try yet (I will have a Mac in one or two month), but I was wondering if these functions work when compiled into a xCode project, as they are functions that can exist only in non-compiled languages.

I can confirm that the loadstring() function works for loading data, as I have used this in the past to send data to an application that I built for my iPhone without having to recompile every time I want to make minor changes. As for the save project tab, I am not sure, because that would be editing data of a compiled application outside of the Documents folder, and I think while technically possible, this violates some apple policy on an application loading data into itself, but I am not 100% sure about the save project tab function in XCode. Loadstring in and of itself does do the above, in a way, but it isn’t actually saving the data to your project. Even after compiling also, lua can still be modified while running and change it’s code, but my understanding is that after the compilation of the lua.h file, all things which happen in the environment are still scripted, and the only things that remain static are on the C level.

@Beckett2000 I had never thought of loadstring being used to load in data on an iphone. Thats a great idea. Tie in dropbox to pass the lua files and test projects on an iphone :slight_smile: