Export to Dropbox.

I have a suggestion that would make Codea even better than it is in the new 2.0 update. The ability to export your projects to Dropbox. I have multiple iOS devices that use Codea and it would be much more easy if I didn’t have to manually put them on via text editor.

Not sure what you’re asking. You can export files to Dropbox.

I am asking for the ability to export Codea Projects directly from Codea. Unless you already can, I do not know how.

@dave1707 has written a program to make a .lua file in your Dropbox that can be imported using the long press on add new project button. Is that what you mean?

I think I’m a bit confused because you say “export,” which in my opinion is associated with Codea’s Xcode export.

Yes, except you could also do the reverse ‘exporting’ in sence.

@Adam9812 I posted a project that allows you to backup projects. It puts all of the selected projects into one file and saves them to the Dropbox folder. From there they can be sync’d to Dropbox on a PC… You can also extract a project from the Dropbox folder if you want. I use it to backup my 340+ projects. If that’s what your after let me know because the program need changes for Codea 2.0.