Expedited App Review

Has anyone requested an expedited app review for one of their apps? i currently have 2 apps waiting for review and was wondering if apple could speed up the process. i know @Reefwing is also still waiting for review on an app he submitted a while ago. there’s also a forum topic on the apple developer forums about the long wait for submitting apps right now.
if you’re an iOS developer. check out this link

Expedited reviews are intended for emergency cases, and I doubt Apple will go for it unless you give them a good reason. Even if you think you have a good reason, it’s not a guarantee…and they usually will only let you do it once. My advice would be to wait it out, there is a long wait because there are tons of other people in the queue ahead of you waiting to have their apps reviewed.

@toadkick yeah, i don’t have a good reason. just want it on the app store before 10th grade starts Sept 5th. I read the whole forum post and someone from apple said that if your app is waiting for review for more than two weeks, you should contact them. hopefully mine doesn’t take that long, but i know that @Reefwing is almost close to two weeks

Hi @veeeralp - there is a crowd sourced calculation of average review times here: http://reviewtimes.shinydevelopment.com/ - currently sitting at 10 days. Note that this is an average so some will be better some worse.

I submitted MineSweeper on the 18th Aug so just coming up for 10 days today. I’m still in the queue.

I agree with @toadkick, keep your powder dry on the emergency request, you may actually need it some day.

.@Reefwing @toadkick alright thanks for the website. yeah, i’ll most likely wait as it’s not that important. mostly due to the inability to be patient. i just can’t wait 'til my apps are on the app store. hopefully a new project will keep me busy.