exit, restart, camera, video buttons sometimes appear in FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS

Like it says. The only displayMode call sets no buttons. Once in a while as the program runs and I touch on it, the buttons show up. I’ve not found a way to make it happen.

Ideas on what may be going on? Would an error in the program do that, perhaps?


@Simeon @RonJeffries - tried the FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS both in and before setup() and the buttons were not visible when run. But - I ‘stopped’ the running project by pushing off/dragging up from the bottom of the screen. Following re-running by tapping the Codea icon, the project screen came up with the buttons present, which responded with a tap to close.

Strange …

Found it. When you type command-Tab, as if to switch tasks, and then don’t go anywhere, i.e. tab back to Codea, the control buttons pop up.

Is that as intended?

Arrgh, sometimes it doesn’t! Weird indeed.

If you swipe down from off screen top just a little and release, the buttons show.

i hate that. i have control buttons at the bottom of the screen in my new asteroids game, and i don’t want to reset the program when i’m just trying to turn right.

i’m aware of no event that tells us this has happened. i wonder if it is mondo costly to reset the displayMode frequently. I’d think it might be …

@RonJeffries sorry this was an intentional decision to make it so that people didn’t get stuck with no way to exit their project

Maybe I’ll add a new callback function didBecomeActive() which tells your code when it has come to the foreground, and you can re-issue a displayMode command

am i right that firing off display mode a lot would be bad?

@RonJeffries I’ll have to read the code but it may be the case that setting the display mode to the currently set value is not costly