Eve Live Viewer - A near real-time killmail notifier for the MMORPG, Eve Online.

Hey guys, I’m getting ready to switch in to a beta for my Eve Online App and thought I would share it here for anyone who was interested. It uses the new Codea 1.4 functions to pull data from http://eve-kill.net every 5 minutes and display it on a map. It’s still a little rough around the edges, but is running stable.

Video of older version:

If you are a fan of Eve Online (http://eveonline.com) or just interested in seeing a Codea 1.4 app in action, check it out. You will need to use iExplorer to install it and the attached Spritepack.

Download it at: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9ypujjn74tzh2rq/ds9Zre9gUR

Wow great work, @Deamos. I’m very impressed that you managed this so soon after 1.4 came out.

Perhaps take a look at @Vega’s custom button code — you could use it to give your buttons a bit of styling (http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Talk/discussion/1079/custom-button-control-beta)

I had spent a ton of time prior to 1.4 getting most of the interface together.

As for the buttons, he posted that up after I had done most of the GUI work, so in the next few versions I will probably incorporate his work.

Edit: Also, the interface from the app has been cleaned up as compared to the video.

@Deamos so that’s how you built it so fast. Are you planning to release it as a standalone app?

I love reading stories about Eve Online. Such a player-driven environment.

@Simeon: Ultimately, that is the plan. Once I get through this beta period and the Runtime is updated, I plan on releasing it as a standalone and then keep the code open source.

Yeah, Eve is great. I’ve been playing since the game was released in 2003. Plus, because of the player-driven setup, there is lots of opportunities to learn to program to interface with all the various APIs (CCP’s own API, Eve-central.com’s API, etc). It’s actually the only reason I know a fair bit of python now.

@Deamos we will update the runtime soon. We just have to ensure that the merge doesn’t break anything, and that we retain community changes.

@Simeon: No rush. I still have a lot of tweaking and bug fixing to do :slight_smile:

I’ve now placed all the raw code on Github @ https://github.com/deamos/Codea-Eve-Live-Viewer-for-iPad

Having a little trouble getting it to run on my iPad 3rd gen. Upon running, it always goes to black screen then crashes Codea. I wish I could setup some breaks to try and figure out where it is going wrong. Maybe I will put in some blocking calls to try and pinpoint the issue.

(BTW, as installation I copied both of the folders from the zip file into the Codea documents using iExplorer.)

The spritepack folder needs to go into the /Apps/com.twolivesleft.Codify/Codea.app/SpritePacks directory

That did fix the error. This looks like it took some serious time, nice work. My only complaint is that I couldn’t find a button to terminate the application.

Yeah, I think I remember taking out the Codea buttons for anticipation of moving it eventually over as a standalone.

I’ve updated the Source and compiled versions to v0.67a

I’m coding a pogram for downloading code so can you make it in to 1 file

So I can test my code [-O<

Unfortunately not. It is pretty large. I would recommend you try something smaller if you wanted to test your code, instead of a massive project.

But it download large code before.

Its pretty big. Look at it as a good opportunity to see if you can load multiple files. Heres the GitHub. https://github.com/deamos/Codea-Eve-Live-Viewer-for-iPad

See if you can figure out a good method to take a GitHub Listing and load all associated files.

Plez :smiley: make it in to 1 file [-O<

Nice work Deamos, i am a EVE player also was planning to create a small application for EVE mining, like something which updates current Jita mineral prices daily and help people calculate some stuff,. I have one question. Do we need permission from CCP to be able to create EVE-related applications and release them on App Stores ?

@Reldonas: As of now, no. However, if I have read the agreement, you can’t charge for it. There is supposed to be an update to the user agreement sometime where they will allow us to pay a small fee and then be able to charge for our apps.