ETA on v1.6? Err... I guess 1.5.5 Err... 1.6.

Sorry to be seem so pushy (no rush), but I was wondering when v1.6 or whatever it will be called will be out. I would like to schedule my app release time and roadmap around this.

P.S. For those why are curious, here’s what I am pretty sure is in it:

  • New asset manager for any file types
  • New sound player
  • New SFXR sound generator UI
  • New shader UI
    What might be added before release:
  • Codea theme reflects in Air Code
  • Ability to add dependencies through Air Code
  • Tabs in Air Code
    What I’m not sure about:
  • Project based asset folders

As far as the version goes, we may be barely halfway through the 1.5’s, but I think the new asset manager and addition of music are enough to warrant going to 1.6

Also, Is the app you mention StackIt?

@JakAttak - TLL has been versioning their fears ions really weirdly, so it’s hard to tell, but I think this will be v1.6.

I think they play with the version number to mess with Zoyt. :slight_smile:

@Zoyt 1.x versions are generally reserved for big feature upgrades, 1.x.y versions are for bug fixes and minor features.

@Simeon - Ok. Just out of curiosity, is Xcode export and Air Code considered minor features? Anyways, it doesn’t really matter.
Edit: It looks like we’re getting this in v1.5.5, not v1.6:

Runtime - simeon_n - Fixed bug in Xcode export for version 1.5.5 beta

— Codea Commits (@CodeaCommits) August 24, 2013

Im so excited to have access to my own audio without exporting to Xcode. I’m not sure why it’s considered a minor update but since it is, I’m even more excited for what 1.6 is going to be like! :smiley:

@Zoyt beta numbers don’t necessarily relate to release versions. I have a number of branches that are being worked on — the 1.5.5 branch was started immediately after 1.5.4’s release. The major new features being worked on will likely be released as 1.6, but it’s possible that bug fix or minor updates could be released before if necessary.

OK. Cool. Thanks.