Ellipse vs mesh

I’m working on a Project based on physics and shapes, most of them are ellipses. Just to be sure, would like to know what’s the faster : many ellipses (not images, ellipses coded from codea) or many meshes with ellipse forme. Hope my question does not seem to strange :slight_smile: Thank you all.

Meshes will be a lot faster

From the slowest to fastest:

  • ellipse form codea.
  • ellipse from codea (no smooth, nostroke).
  • images (with your ellispes).
  • many meshes with ellipse.
  • one mesh with 1 big circle, all ellipses drawn from this single mesh.
  • same as before, nosmooth.

Just to clarify, Jmv38 in his final two cases above, is talking about a mesh with lots of ellipses based on a single texture image.

I thought smooth didn’t affect the drawing of meshes?

I am not sure about this. Maybe not. Just in case.

Ok, thank you to all. I did not imagined that the hard coded ellipses from Codea coud be so slow in comparison with meshes or even with imported images (and this sound really astonishing to me…). So then, where could I find a library (or code samples) to draw meshes-ellipses and meshes-lines in place of the hard coded lines and ellipses of Codea ? Thanks to all.
Ps: by the way, I speak of hollow ellipses, I mean with stroke only and no fill.

Btw, how many ellipses do you have? And what fps do you want? If 10 to 20 you pby dont need to worry too much about fps.

I may have up to 100 ellipses maybe but that’s not the problem. I’m full of physics and even if it’s still smooth, I may have to complicate my project with time and ideas coming. So I just assume that if I can do things faster from now on, I have to. Thanks. >:D<