EllapsedTime not in docs

Why is EllapsedTime not referred to in the Codify docs? Bug or intentional (something I may not get about what’s included and what’s not)?


It’s right at the bottom of the Graphics section. Probably not the best place for it but I couldn’t think of a better place – barring making a whole new Docs section just for two variables.

Ah now I see it! You’re right, Graphics would not be the most obvious section. What would have helped, and would help in most situations, would be for the doc button (on top row of the virtual keyboard) to, when pressed, open the documentation to that keyword or function name next to, or underneath, the cursor. That seems to be the case for the background() function, but not, for example, for ElapsedTime and noSmooth(). Could be a bug.


It just opens to the last place you browsed at the moment, but yeah I’d really like to add that feature, context sensitive help.

You know, putting those docs in a popover may not be the best way. It takes time to load up and pop up and I always hesitate to invoke docs because of that.


A SplitView setup (similar to your run mode layout) whereby doc sections are displayed inside a UITableView left of the split, and the code editor view is to right of said split.

with the keyboard underneath (if virtual and opened), it might be easier. But that might not be good