editor bug

I just noticed on projects with several tabs that when I switch tabs, the tab highlight changes but the information in the tab doesn’t. This doesn’t happen with every tab. When it does happen it’s the same 2 tabs that don’t change. For example, if I select tab 1, then tab 2, the code in tab 1 still shows. If I select tab 3, it shows correctly. If I select tab 2, then tab 2 shows correctly, but if I then select tab 1, tab 2 still shows. It always seems to be only 2 tabs, the other tabs are OK and it only seems to be a problem if the keyboard isn’t showing. If I bring up the keyboard then the tabs work OK. This is on an iPad 1.

This may be a non bug. I closed Codea and got back in and haven’t been able to recreate the above bug so far.

It’s happening again, this time with 3 tabs. I closed Codea and started it again and the same 3 tabs don’t change. I switched from writing this post back to the Codea editor and now all four tabs don’t change. I switched to edit this post and went back in the Codea editor and it’s now back to 2 tabs. Not sure whats causing this because I havent seen this before today. It also happens with the keyboard showing if the cursor is at the end of the first line.

I think I got it figured out. Any tab that has the cursor on the same line won’t switch. I have 4 tabs. I put the cursor on line 1 of 2 tabs and on line 3 of the other 2 tabs. It switches code when I go from a tab with the cursor on a different line but doesn’t switch if the cursors are on same line. I just found something else, they also have to have the same line count. At least that’s whats happening on my iPad. Can someone else verify this. Just create a new project and add some new class tabs, put the cursor on the same line and tap on the different tabs.

Thank you for narrowing it down @dave1707 — I will try to reproduce this issue later.

@dave1707 what an obscure bug. Thanks so much for tracking it down, was able to reproduce and will try to have it fixed for the next version.