Dropbox Sync

Hi All,

I’m having problems sync’ing Dropbox - it crashes out of the Codea app completely. I’ve narrowed it down to the parental block software used by my internet provider - if I turn it off then no problem. I have registered wwww.dropboox.com as an exception which works for the Dropbox app itself but no joy with Codea.

Does anyone know the specific address(es) that Codea calls during the sync process - so that I can unblock these as well - equally I could be barking up the wrong tree, so alternative suggestions welcome.

Thanks for any help, Tim

@timber you might try api.dropbox.com as well.

@Simeon, one for you, I think

@Simeon - no joy by adding api.dropbox.com :frowning:

I’ve set up filter to allow all file sharing sites and this works - so it must be something related to the actual address call, but not sure what. If you have any other thoughts, let me know - otherwise the current workaround is fine.

Thanks for help.

@Simeon @timber @Ignatz

Feedback regarding Dropbox…

I have spent a lot of time isolating Dropbox errors and I have made the following discoveries and further down I suggest some procedures that may help.

  1. This issue is typically not Codea’s fault and googling finds other development systems suffer a similar problem.

  2. Common denominator is Dropbox and its syncing which is troublesome.

  3. As I was about to pull the last of my hair out I noted that sometimes Codea would throw up a Cocoa error 4 which upon investigation seems to be a missing file or bad filename type error which gave me clues to where the issue lies (after hours trying to isolate the problem).

  4. I noticed in the Cocoa error description that the filename did not match what Dropbox was showing on my Mac. I had changed names on the Mac, whilst the file was already in Dropbox. These changes included upper and lowercase and the Cocoa error showed the previous filename not the supposed current one.

  5. I went in to Dropbox on iPad and iPhone and browser and all were showing the previous filename as it appeared in the error box. i.e. Dropbox, whilst showing my new filename in the Finder, hadn’t synced to the “real” Dropbox. Even if Dropbox in the Finder showed the green tick indicating a successful update, it had in fact not updated. Sometimes I would find the dropbox files/folders were stuck with the ‘updating’ icon. Going backwards and forwards to the another directory sometimes made them go green but in reality they still had not updated.

So in the end I came to the conclusion that there are inherent flaws in the Dropbox syncing (it appears Windows has a similar problem) so here is some advice.

  1. Do all renaming of files that you want to do before copying anything to Dropbox.

  2. I recommend you keep filenames short and lower case (my preference).

  3. I fixed existing files already in Dropbox by duplicating them all, deleting the ‘bad’ ones, then renaming the copies back to the appropriate names.

  4. Never put any subdirectories in the Apps/Codea/ directory. (I typically use a prefix before every file that matches it to the project e.g. a Space Invaders project I might have something like si_spaceship.png).

Hope that helps. My hair is now growing back!