Dropbox Problem

Anyone tried syncing with Dropbox since iOS8.1.2 and Codea 2.1. I had no problems with iOS 8.1.2 but after the upgrad eto Codea 2.1 I have experienced a problem. After installing files in the Codea section I have not been able to sync. The sync starts and recognizes the number of updates required then starts to sync and drops straight out of Codea. I have checked the sync in other apps and the files are in the dropbox folders.

Hmmmm, just thought - I had put some 3D model files in a subfolder in the Cadea app folder of Dropbox, plus a few jpg files. Removed these and the sync progressed without problem.

Not encountered this personally before - are we limited to certain file types in Dropbox. Is there any chance you can get the parser within Codea to ignore files of filetypes that are not ‘legal’ so we can only access legal ones but, importantly, the Codea sync doesn’t fail?