Draggable Tabs

Here’s a little update on the next version. You can reorder your tabs through drag-and-drop. The tab order will be stored in the project’s info.plist file.

Video: http://youtu.be/ifovWreKgBk?hd=1

That’s really slick. I had a enhancement request for this exact thing. Should we be marking them complete, or is that something 2LL wants to control?

Cool! :slight_smile: I still have not started projects with multiple tabs. But not for a long time. :-))

I’ll mark it complete soon, it still needs testing.

Great to hear that the 1.2.6 update has already been submitted. The new editing gestures sound like a very nice touch. Thanks Team Codea!

If it’s not already in there and I just missed it, it would be nice to have some global search and replace.

The tool that currently brings up the functions across different files is great, but I wish I could find all those strokeWidth() and noSmooth() or just plain x = x + 1 when I’m trying to track down a problem.