Just another game I was trying to make.
Here’s the video:

Right now the levels only show how to use the tools already present and aren’t that challenging.

I am planning to make more levels but for that i will need more tools. And for more tools i need more ideas
so if anyone has any idea about a tool which can be useful in this game, please share it out here.

NOTE: 1) Double tapping on tools deletes them or does a special function (only in case of the lift currently).
2) The Editor is used to make levels, But you can’t save them right now.

Here’s the code:

Amazing ! Great works ! And i think you can be inspired by something like this for new tools : Chain reaction

Excellent stuff! Reminds me a bit of “Crazy Machines’” - one of my favourite iPhone games and might be worth checking it out for a few ideas.

I really like the simple minimalist design of your prototype - maybe introduce a timer to put the player under a bit more ‘pressure’ :wink:

That is really nice @Saurabh. Love the idea and the fact that you built an editor.

How are you storing and saving your levels?

@HyroVitalyProtago, Checked out the video and got a few ideas. Thanks!

@andymac3D, Thanks! I was thinking about the same thing, and also moving platforms. if you see the Floor class you’ll see that there is an option to make the Floors Move but i haven’t used it yet in a level or In the Editor.

@Simeon, Thanks! I save the position of all the objects in Local Data every time the player starts the level. I do it using the SaveData function in the tab “OtherFuntions”

@Simeon, I think i got you wrong. I make the Levels in the Level Tab by placing the red and blue domino in their places and then making any other desired tool i want to place and the use the above method to store the data.

Fantastic idea and achievement @Saurabh

Thanks @Jmv38

@Saurabh Great Idea and fun looking game!

Thanks @Briarfox. I’m Still Working on Some other features. Will post the complete game soon…



Thats creative :stuck_out_tongue:

Second Stage Reached.
Now You can make your Own levels. Like this one in the video.
Code here:
Next Step is to add more tools and levels. Well that will be the complete game.

Thanks for reporting. Fixed it, use the same link above. and the suggestion i’ll use it.

Is this going to be a appstore game?
Because when it is i, and if you are good in marketing, you can earn a lot of money with this!

Not possible. I don’t have a Mac.

Wow… Super cool. You should get a Mac and publish it… I’d be worth it.
Someone else here might be able to publish it for you, though.
I like the concept of sliding a project up to delete like in iOS 7.

I can’t buy a mac until next year, cause I have an important examination coming up, I don’t use my ipad now too, just log in on the forum to stay updated. Don’t want to forget everything I learned . So anyone interested can use the code and if you understand how it’s working can make more levels and publish it on the app store. Or you could use the idea to make your own game. Just mention my name :wink: