Does this forum do game jams?

Just wondering if this forum does any kind of game jam or something similar?

What’s a game jam or something similar.

PS. How’s that for a speedy response. Within the same minute.

Like, competitions to create a game or project based on a given topic?

That was done several times already. Look thru the forum. I’ll see if I can find one of them.

There were some based on 50 lines or less and others based on a theme. They might be hard to find since I don’t remember their titles.

Do a search on line challenge or code challenge. Those seem to show a lot of pages.

Look at the “Competition” category.

and also the competitions section of the wiki:

the last one was the Star Wars one to celebrate the release of the Force Awakens:

guess that was over a year ago

How are these competitions started? Can anyone start one?? Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

@Kolosso, as far as i can tell, anyone can start one

If you want to start a game jam, create a list of rules and start a game jam discussion. The rules should contain the theme, an end date, any special conditions, who’s going to judge it, etc. The more rules you specify, the easier it should be to pick a winner. If the winner is going to receive anything, specify what it is and how they’re going to get it. Every response for the game jam should be kept in that discussion.