Does Codea Support Transparent File Types?

Hello. Does Codea support transparent images? I’ve been wagging a long war trying to find an efficient method of getting game art into codea and then it crossed me to ask what file types codea supports. I know that jpgs work but they don’t support transparency. So 1. Does anyone know what file types are compatible and have transparency and 2. Any suggestions on getting game art efficiently from the art program on a pc to codea?

Drop box worked fine until the same folder had to share two projects and I tried to mange it across two ipads. iOS 8’s icloud drive looks promising for this.

  1. PNG images are compatible with transparency (and codea)

  2. Dropbox is the best, because you can also download in app when files are in a Public directory or when you use a dropbox api in lua (with http.request and saveImage). But if you want just add images one time, you can also add directly with iFunBox or something like that in Documents directory (or subdirectory, in this case, you need to specify in sprite(“Documents:MySubDirectory/MyImage”))

PS: subdirectory works too with Dropbox :wink:

@HyroCitalyProtago 1. Cool, I’ll checkd those out.
2. Could you clarify some of that? It sounds like there’s some stuff that I’m not utilizing but I can’t speak programmer.


  1. Dropbox in Codea:
    You can use dropbox integrated in Codea, sync and access them with sprite or readImage “Dropbox:imagename” or “Dropbox:directoryname/imagename”

  2. Dropbox in-app:
    You can also use a dropbox library, for example Briarfox have done one you can found on CodeaCommunity. And with it do something like this in your code :

-- This is an example, your code doesn't look really like this...
function setup()
   -- load dropbox with library
   DropboxAPI.filesGet("/directory/subdirectory/image.png", function(data)
      -- saveImage() or readImage(data) ...
  1. iFunBox:
    This is an app for access directly things in your iPad. So, you need to go in and you can add directly your image (with drag and drop) or create a directory before and add your image in. Now, you can access your image with “Documents:imagename” or “Documents:directoryname/imagename” with sprite or readImage function.

I expect this explanation is better…