Documents in Xcode

I’m having a problem with one of my documents in my app. Whenever i try to call it using the sprite() function it shows the incorrect document. I have imported all my images and all of them are working with the exception of one.

The problem doesn’t stem from my code as when i choose another image to put in the sprite() function it works, but when i try to use the image I want, Xcode refuses to work with me. When I was using Codea, the image i am trying to get worked fine, and it seems to be a problem in Xcode.

Is there a way I can import more images into that folder? I’ve tried to duplicate the faulty image and replace it, but that doesn’t work and I have even tried to make a new image and add it to the folder, but that doesn’t work either.

Also, when I try entering a random name, lets say:

sprite("Documents:FakeImage", x,y,width,height)

I get a sprite of another image I’m using on screen, so now i would have two of the same images.

Have u messed around with strange sources in Codea? Are u using AirCode? 'Cuz if u are then I might be able to help.

I heard about something like this before, can you do something like build your project or update a plist somewhere, sorry I have 0 Xcode knowledge. Also, is your image a PDF as that sometimes causes problems like that.

@Coder. This is weird, but when i compiled it in Xcode 6 beta 4, the problem has gone away. I was using the most recent version of Xcode 5 before, but i guess the problem is fixed. Hopefully the new beta is fully compatible with iOS 7.

@YoloSwag, the Xcode 6 beta does not export to iOS 7

@JakAttak. Is that just a beta thing, or is the final version not going to support iOS 7? Because I can still set the target to iOS 7.

@YoloSwag, the final version will include iOS 7 support I’m sure. When I was working on my app it refused to let me run it on an iOS 7 device, only on my beta 8 device.