Discussing the Wiki

added http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/Reference to main page

I wasn’t sucussful in finding a way to covert/display JSON to basic HTML on the fly, externally

Added https://bitbucket.org/TwoLivesLeft/codea/wiki/CodeaMain

a brief discussion on the relationship between the functions that Codea calls.

Requires fact checking by TwoLivesLeft.

I’ve offered to add to the wiki two very helpful code examples that Simeon provided in response to my questions – the DragMe class example and the Scenery class example. Now the problem is where to put them. Looking at the wiki I propose to link them from the existing ‘HintsAndTips’ page (which sacrebleu! I see already sports links answering my next two questions (1) on Codea structure and (2) on the whys and wherefores of vec2’s!).

Good? If anyone feels they belong elsewhere please don’t hesitate…

Just because links exist doesn’t mean that pages do. I put in a load of links to pages that I thought ought to exist. Many pages are blank so click through before you assume that one exists.

If you have something to put on, the main thing is to put it on. We can reorganise it afterwards if it needs it, but it’s easier to do that when we can read what you intend to write.

(Oops, really should read all the threads before posting. I see that Ipda1824913508431 has posted something about vec2)

I have updated the ‘Hints and Tips’ section of the wiki with two code examples posted here on the forum by Simeon (and Simeon agreed could go to the wiki). I hope the examples help others as much as they helped me.

The Draggable Rectangle (DragMe Example)


Distributing Code Over Tabs Example


Thanks @Blanchot for contributing those pieces to the wiki! Note that you don’t need my permission to use anything I post here :slight_smile:

Copied Feras’ tutorial next to @brab’s in getting started

I think the wiki and bug tracker need to be mentioned on the main page of Codea here: http://twolivesleft.com/Codea/ so new comers could find them since the first visit.

I also think we need some kind of Project Gallery or something on the wiki to show off users’ creation. Can we attach files (.codea file it is) and images to the wiki? I propose each project need to show/mention the author, a brief description, screenshot(s), link to github or pastebin (if available), and .codea project file. See template example here. What do you think?

Hello. I am new to Codea. Is the documentation of its class() function currently the discussion on Class Inheritance? and the file Class.lua? May I transfer that information to a new page on the wiki?

That would be wonderful @mpilgrem, thank you.

I have made a start in page CodeaClasses and linked the home page to it.

I am new to Codea, with a background in several other languages, and I just love the thought that’s gone into the editor and the tutorials. They’re by far the best and clearest I’ve ever seen, and I’m really looking forward to exploring Codea further. Thank you so much!

Pi think the wiki needs a revamp with more tutorials
Also I am new to lua too with the same backstory as ignatz

A. This thread is ancient, try not to bump it…

B. @Ignatz isn’t so new anymore… :stuck_out_tongue:

@TheRoguebatcher - I have written nearly 150 tutorials and several ebooks, and others have written plenty too isn’t that enough for you?