Determine what iOS device the project is running on

I read through the roadmap that there is a deviceMetrics() function available, but I could not find any documentation on it. When using the following code:

    info = deviceMetrics()
    for i, line in ipairs(info) do
       print (line) 

Nothing is printed. I’m new to Lua (programmed for 18 years with other languages) so I’m struggling a little trying to determine if the table is just blank or if I am reading it wrong.

Since the documentation does not really tell me what data the deviceMetrics() stores in the returned table, I am kind of at a loss when it comes to determining what device the project is running on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I know I could probably use the WIDTH and HEIGHT constants to determine it based on screen resolution, but I assumed that deviceMetrics would provide a simpler approach.

@Scionwest Try pairs instead of ipairs.

@dave1707 Awesome thanks, that fixed it. I also found additional documentation on the wiki (which I wasn’t aware existed until 2 minutes ago lol). So I was able to adjust my code to just check the platform like such:

    myDevice = deviceMetrics().platform

Something else I noticed while doing this is that the deviceMetrics() function does not differentiate an iPad mini from a full size iPad. So my iPad mini is returned as iPad 2G. I suppose this isn’t an issue since they are the same screen resolution, just thought it was interesting.

Note: iPad 4’s name appears as iPad3,4 instead of iPad4 in one of the deviceMetrics() variables, can’t remember which, though. Maybe platform?