Daten from Dropbox-App To dropbox in Codea?

What is the difference between the Dropbox App… and the dropbox folder in Codea. And how can I get data from the Dropbox app. in the Documents folder or Dropbox Folder in Codea.

@matox, Dropbox and Codea are great together!! The Dropbox App gives you a way to access your files from a centralized place–your Dropbox. The Dropbox folder in Codea is another way to access stuff in your Dropbox. For instance, you can save a .png graphic in your Dropbox (from your PC or another app) and then select ‘Sync’ from Codea’s Dropbox menu. After the sync, you should be able to find, select and include that graphic into your project. You can also save graphics from your Codea program back into your Dropbox, which you can then access from your Dropbox App or a Dropbox folder on your PC. Hope this helps.

EDIT: To answer your question on How to use Dropbox with Codea: You first link Codea to your Dropbox. You can do that in Codea’s settings. Codea will then make a ‘/app/Codea’ folder. You then save and load graphics files to that location. If you don’t see your files in Codea, try syncing.

@Ric_Esrey, vielen Dank. I made it after many attempts Codea pictures in the dropbox folder upload. First, I used the Dropbox folder emptied completely on my Windows PC. Then I created a new folder in apps. in the apps folder, I then created a new folder Codea. In this folder Codea I then copied my PNG images. Now Codea started. I went to the sprite picker in a new project and then have synchronized. Then I stood all images.

Sie sind herzlich willkommen. I’m glad it worked for you. :slight_smile: