Custom Sprite Folders

Does the Codea Dropbox functionality include the ability to have a folder inside your Dropbox folder?

For example, I’m making an app that does a sort of slidesshow and I want to have a subwoofer to hold up those this possible?

I just tested this. You can have subfolders, however at the moment they don’t appear in the spritepicker, so you have to just manually put in the image names, like this: “Dropbox:Folder/ImageName”

@John Awesome, however it doesn’t seem to work with the sprite list functionality. Do you think it would be possible to make it work?

If you made a sprite folder in your Dropbox folder, when viewing it from your computer or the Dropbox website would it appear? Or would it not sync? Gonna test it…

Strange… After syncing, no subfolders appear in my Dropbox’s Codea folder… Time for some bug fixes?

@JakAttack At the moment they won’t appear in spriteList() because we don’t offically support subfolders in Dropbox, however they do get synced and can be loaded. We’ll be looking to address this in a future update.

@John ok. For the time being I’ve decided to just make a custom sprite pack instead

@John I created a subfolder and it didn’t sync to Dropbox. :-?

@SkyTheCoder Have you tried loading a sprite from the subfolder after syncing even though it doesn’t appear in the sprite picker?

@John I made an image that’s basically a white circle using image() and setContext(), then saved it as Dropbox:Folder/Photo, then rendered it. Nothing happened. I tried saving it as Dropbox:Photo and it worked, but I couldn’t seem to load any subfolders.

Edit: Synced my Dropbox, reloaded the website, and no folders appeared. Just Photo, not Folder/Photo.

@SkyTheCoder I imagine you would have to create the folder in Dropbox (or on your PC) and then sync Codea’s picker with it. Codea will not create folders when you saveImage (as this is not currently supported behaviour in Codea). Reading images out of existing folders appears to work, though it’s unintentional.

Oh… That clears it up. Thanks!