Creating codea asset packs

Now that iExplorer no longer works with the latest Codea update does anyone know of any way to create / install / update any of the Codea image asset packs? Or is dropbox still the best way to get images in.

As a thought for a future update, would it be possible to create asset packs directly from the assets menu by coping in images from dropbox that can then be removed from the codea dropbox folder as this folder fills up pretty quickly

Dropbox is the best way to get assets in I think.

For a future update I’d think more in the direction of having a shared folder of the Codea app, because then we could either add asset packs via iTunes or iExplorer ect. because how I understood it, the shared folders work in these tools, right?

Actually - I think I might have found a better way or organizing your images).

Everybody might already know this and it might just be me but…

  1. copy your images to dropbox as normal

  2. From the main assets screen on the project browser, open the Dropbox folder and press edit (assuming you’ve already sync’d) - select all the images you want and then select the “Add to” button at the bottom. As you can’t create any new packs from here - the only viable option is the Documents folder - this will allow you to easily have a “common” set of assets.

However IF you go into your actual project and open the asset browser (just type sprite(“”) anywhere in the code and press the “” bit), then you can do the same operation as above - but this time enter the dropbox folder as before but instead edit / select / add to your project assets folder instead.

Once this is complete the you can then delete the objects from the dropbox folder / sync and bingo nicely cleaned up assets and no extra space taken up by dropbox.