Crashing? [FIXED]

I was editing some new code for an game and Codea just crashed on me. Trying to open it results in it crashing again, even tried rebooting. Anyone know what’s going on??

We can’t be sure without seeing a crash log. What you could do is use iExplorer to get your project off of your iPad and send it to us at, so we can have a look and see if anything specific about the project is causing the crash.

Also if you could get your crash logs from your device and email them to me, that would be excellent. Crash logs are located in a different place depending on your operating system. See:

Is Codea crashing in the code editor, or immediately upon launch?

Crashing immediately upon launch

Do you have a one letter long project name?

Yes. Is that bad?

It’s a known bug at the moment and is fixed in the next update. For now please use iExplorer to rename the offending project to something with more than one letter.

You can get iExplorer here:

Alternatively you can re-install the application, but iExplorer will ensure that you can keep your data.

Ok. Thanks