Craft Queries

@Bri_G Where did you find info on the I looked thru the reference and couldn’t find anything about it.

@dave1707 - it was mentioned in the post you linked to, or maybe a related post. Also look at the Craft reference for Craft info at the top - also just looking at myScene - could be a way into this.

@Bri_G I did use that line of code in the program I wrote back then. Wow, I don’t remember that at all and it was only from Dec 2018. I wonder what else I don’t remember.

@dave1707 - I have the same problem, that’s why I keep a lot of small demos gleaned from the forum for specific functionality. It’s amazing going back through my old projects to see what I’ve done and it can sometimes take ages trying to decipher my own code. I really ought to annotate it better. Also I should really build up a library of routines to use in dependencies. I’ve done that for assets.

i don’t often annotate code. what i do try to do is to write small, clear functions.

@RonJeffries - I’m too old to remember all my code and not a strict programmer - so I have to rely on reminding myself with annotations. I hope to learn from real programmers like yourself.

I’m older than you, I’d wager. If my ideas are useful, I’m glad of it. Even if I just serve as a bad example. :slight_smile: