Convert Codea to Xcode

Hello, this is my first time exporting Codea app into Xcode.
I have no experience with Xcode nor with MAC. This is my first try…

I started the app simulator, and all looks good, but when I started the game, the experience was much different. Somehow, looks like the physics rules was not working the same.

Anything I should know before converting to Xcode?

@Korchi There are a few thing,
The first I can think of is it runs slower on the Mac, because it has to run through the Iphone/Ipad simulator, then through Codea, and finally to your project. So that might be the reason the physics seem a bit off to you. Another is gravity doesn’t work, and it displays exactly what you made in Codea, so if you kept the little buttons on the screen, there will still be there in the export.

Thanks! I guess I was too optimistic that it will work “as-is”…
I guess I’ll need to start learning some xcode and debug it.
Thanks anyway.

The simulator is much slower than the actual device. If you offload your compiled app to a device, you should see performance very similar to that in Codea.

Thanks Mark, in that case you saying the theoretically, I don’t need any code changes. I’ll search to see how to do it.