Control the Controllers

So, I’m using @Nat’s controllers to make a came but I also have buttons on the screen that I need to be able to push and I can’t figure out how to stop the controllers from activating everywhere. Anyone know? Thanks!

I made a version of these controllers where you specify the active zone

It is in the 3d simulation source

I remember i also posted it a specific discusssion on controllers, but can find it (forum google search is broken on ipad1)

I found it :

Oh, weird, my comment didn’t post… what I think it was before Just don’t call controller:touched(touch) when you know you’re in a menu, or modify the controller’s touched function to make sure the finger isn’t over a button.

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@Jmv38, that’s perfect, thanks so much!

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I think underscore works too.

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@CodeaNoob That’s wonderful. Does it matter?

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