Console in exported app?

Currently I have no Mac so I cannot test my apps outside Codea, wich got me wondering: does the console and parameters show in a published app?
I figure the buttons for viewing and hiding the console is removed on export, but is the actual console too?
Just to be clear: if I do

displayMode( NORMAL )

Then will it show?

Sorry for obvious question, but I have no way to test this.

Actually, the only button that is gone on the exported app is the back button to return to Codea. The console, the button to hide/how, and the pause and record buttons at the bottom are still there. You can use displayMode(FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS) to hide them.

Ohhhh!!! AWESOME :smiley:

But if there is a bug the console appears and user can inject code, this is a problem because users can hack the game…I’m thinking I’m going to hack the XCode Project to disable the buttons also when a bug appears…

Aww crap yea that sucks, I guess we’ll have to poke @Simeon because of that one! [-O<

@juaxix I’m going to be disabling the error triggering console in exported builds soon.

It would be nice to see errors but not the buttons if displayMode is FULLSCREEN_NO_BUTTONS :slight_smile: