Completly iPad made Chronom on Indiegogo

Well it took a lot longer than I thought but I finally did it!

Chronom on Indiegogo is now LIVE!!
This is the game I’ve been working on during recovery in Codea and I need help to finish it.

So as incentives I’m giving away the code and assets to the backers, creating bespoke characters and levels, and even giving away the entire source.
The Backing perks start at $10 for the Toolbox, probably the most useful perk for you guys.

My goal is to make this the next “Made in Codea game”.

Have a look and I’d love to hear what you think firstly and help spread the word too!



This looks great, @Dave. Love that you’re doing the artwork on iPad too.

Your game looks genuinely interesting, I’ll be backing it shortly. Also great music.

Thanks so much!
I’m going to try and put up more videos and art every day to show off more of the concepts.
Yeah, I’ve been a tablet advocate for a decade now, Pretty much ever since I’ve owned a computer. And I just think even with the lack of deep(long?) floating point calculations and other cpu goodies, the iPad is an amazingly high powered device that I should be able do anything I want with it.
So I decided that everything must be done solely on iPad.

Doing video is really hard, props to those who can, this is my edit of me not doing it. Hope you enjoy my incompetence!

I’ve signed on. Very nice looking game. Best of luck in reaching your goal.

Likewise, good luck @DaveSapien!

Brilliant you guys rock!!

Hope you get to make it, just backed Chronom.

Wow! Thanks Simeon, that’s amazing!!!

Just contributed, get healthy soon @DaveSapien!

Nice one! Thanks juaxix!!

I’m in!

Awesome Reefwing!

Just a quick example of the animation components in Chronom(part of the toolbox)

Looks great, @DaveSapien! I love how human the motion is.

Yea thanks!!!

Wow i need this :slight_smile:

Will you publish this tool as a app (free or not)?

Hey guys sorry for the late reply, had my first day out meeting people for a while.
The tool Is part of the Chronom game (toolbox), if you want to make an animation app with it just contribute ten bucks and you can! Shameless plug

But I am starting to really like how its Working, so maybe I might make it an app after Chronom.