Competition! Using a new 3D shape library

@LoopSpace Lua can be very verbose and this can lead to very long sized code, which essentially does not much (other than stealing space and file size). Therefor I try to minimize code whenever I can (but only if it makes sense). As a result have advantages and disadvantages alike:

  • + short, precise code (not an essay)
  • + cleaner syntax/structure
  • + smaller file size
  • + easier to maintain things (search/change/override)
  • + satisfaction for being a 'genius', because its cool to find clever solutions/notations :D
  • - code may get (unnecessary) complicated

Advantages are predominant, but you have to be kind of balanced. As rules of thumb I try:

  • to make thing work with as less code as possible.
  • to use 'local' variables as much as possible.
  • describe complicated processes with easy to understand algorithms.

And while all this are nice coding-style optimizations, is actually comes down to one thing: ‘If it looks right - it is right!’ :wink:

I built a nice 3D Star Wars star destroyer with the help of this library. It did the tricky rounded bits like the engines and radar domes.

a stardestroyer. Perhaps the coolest 3d model I’ve seen on the forums yet. Wow.