Community Input: My Next Project

I’m torn between which project to develop next, so I thought I might as well get community input. Anyways, here the options are:


This was the project crated for the Codea Holiday Cookoff.
Features planned:

  • Ability to move cities on planets in shop
  • Ability to purchase extra utilities and place on planet on shop (ex: missile defense, score generator, etc.)
  • More types of asteroids and power ups
  • Ability to upgrade things like cities and other things


I created this project for Ludum Dare, and I just spent about 15 minutes reconfiguring the style to make it look better.
Features planned:

  • A bit better styling to make it look like paper
  • New types of enemies with different movement types
  • Power ups

Of course, I’d add all the typical extra spizzaz to these projects like better game over screens, etc.

Just comment what you think of both.



@Zoyt in my opinion Inkling looks like it could be a fantastic project with many additions, you could use some additive blending and ellipses to make it look more like ink. I like kick steroids and it could be a good game but I’m not in to all the arcade stuff.

@Luatee, @CodeaNoob - Thanks

I’m with Luatee. I like both but the arcade stuff was more compelling when I was younger. Inkling has a more universal appeal.

@Pops - Thanks. I personally like Inkling better, but many people were saying that I should do KickAsteroids instead.

@Zoyt Both look good, but I think Inkling is more “Zen” and looks like a modern version of an old Atari-type game to me. I love how you use rotation. I wish I had that sort of creativity.

Both are interesting concepts. Kickasteroids looks closer to a finished game. On Inkling, would it be possible to not just add paper texture, but add a sense of the texture of paper interacting with the “drops?” So that small drops might not fall at all, while a large drop might go down the page, gathering up small drops and getting larger?

@syntonica, @Mark - I was thinking about making it look more paper like. I’m going to do a little more prototyping on it before moving to Cocos2D. Some ideas were to make the drops like drops with lighting on it, merging dots (like you said), etc. Thanks for the input.

I personally would like kickasteroids as would my kids. Inkling is too much like the snake game that is everywhere. Not to mention the personal satisfaction I get by crushing asteroids into oblivion vs being a cute tadpole that eats ink…

My two cents.

However based on the responses on this forum it looks like it both would be the right answer :slight_smile:

I would potentiality do both but start with inkling

@MrScience101, @JakAttak - Thanks.
@MrScience101 - I agree that KickAsteroids would appeal to a larger audience (kids, in my opinion), but (in case you can’t tell), I like to make more abstract games. And I do agree, there is a very gratifying feeling in obliterating things rather than being a line on a paper doing some stuff.
@Mark - I’ve implemented some basic mechanics similar to yours. So when two blobs are near each other, they blend together (kind of) (similar to the water example I made a while back with the alpha threshold shader). When they collide, they merge. I really like the mechanic. I might post a video eventually.

@Luatee +1 @JakAttak +1

There’s something about Inkling that I really like and would love to see more of… I think it’s the gameplay and its simplicity.

@SkyTheCoder - Thanks. I’m going to do a few more tweaks to this Inkling prototype and post a video.

Inkling reminds me of SnakeChase… There’s just something about it…

@JakAttak - Inkling is SnakeChase. SnakeChase I made for Ludum Dare. Then, I spent about 10-15 minutes in math redoing the graphics to make it look like a line on paper.

I like the idea of Inkling. At first I thought that the line was constantly moving in the same direction and that you rotated the “paper” to collect the ink blobs. The name is certainly creative.

Personally, I prefer games with a deeper meaning and goal then games with points ,multiplayers and high scores (not that theres anything wrong with them). So I’d find a ink and paper related goal that the player tries to achieve if it where my project.

@Goatboy76 - Your idea sounds intereting, but could you give an example of a “paper related goal that the player tries to acheive”?

Here’s a video of Inkling with @Mark’s idea of merging ink blots. (Great idea, by the way.)
Eventually (after StackIt v1.1), I’ll actually start developing this (this is the prototype).

I’m just not getting the ink and paper illusion. I think the ink blobs should be more splotchy. Open up paper by 53, pull out the watercolor and make a circle with it. That’s kinda what I think it should look like.