communication between iphones/ipads?

is there a convenient way to pass information from one device to another close by device, perferrably without setting up a remote server? Could it be done with a bluetooth link between iphones and some xcode addon?

edit: found this, looks like with ios7 it is possible

Codea should support Bluetooth connections on it’s own (or does it, I’m new.)…

local InRange = BLUETOOTH:getNearbyDevices()

Would be cool.

@piinthesky Codea doesnt have bluetooth support. As for how to do it in xcode as I’m pretty sure xcode does, I dont know.

Codea SHOULD though. I don’t understand why it doesn’t.


There were/are more important things to add first. How many people are really going to want to use Bluetooth?

piinth apparently. I wouldn’t mind it.