Comic Maker


I prepared the Comic Maker code I was talking in

You can find the code (Main in txt format to copy to Codea), its Spritepack and an instruction photo in a zip file here:

Basically you have to use camera and take pictures, save them by name in Codea "Documents: " and then start the app. You have to first choose layout of the page, pictures you want to include (typing their name) and narration for each picture. You can go up to 20 pages though I have not used up to 4 myself. When youR pages are ready, touch the button in the lower right corner and…

I used some picture other than camera size but I recommend to you camera-taken pictures.

The code is still very raw and needs lots of optimization and I am searching for the bugs too.

Hope you like it.

Oh! And it is based on 1024*768. And I have tested it just on iPad 2.