Color key

Hey there,
I was playing with Codea today earlier, and i tought it would be cool to add my own sprites to the game, so i downloaded a average drawing app to do so, when i finished it and put it to test, it was rendered with the white background, is there anyway i could "erase that white background?

Make sure those sprites have transparent backgrounds. You can do this easily with or Photoshop.

Hmm, that is what i was afraid, just tought i could do my sprites on the run, but it’s okay, thanks :slight_smile:

If the drawing app does not allow you to save .png image files with transparent backgrounds, perhaps you could use Codea’s built-in image.get() and image.set() functions to process the image to replace pixels of the background colour (white) with black, transparent pixels - pixel-by-pixel.

Photoshop touch for the iPad does the job for me.

Procreate also saves images with a transparent background.

By the way, I am loving Procreate! It is another example of a lean, well thought-out Australian product… :slight_smile: I highly recommend it for digital artists.