Collision Detection not working properly.

When I use the collide function with using and it sometimes doesn’t register that the objects have collided. Is there a better way to work the collision system?

I’m also using a for loop with a, b in pairs (table) to see if the objects have the same info. Maybe there is a better way to analyze each object in the table that I don’t know of. Thank you!

Why are you comparing the info, just compare the bodies. Also make sure you compare each body in the table against bodyA and bodyB

@JakAttak there is a problem with collide function. Whilst comparing bodyA and bodyB I noticed sometimes the collision doesn’t end (The body was on the ground using body.angularVelocity = math.random(-1,1)) when colliding very quickly.

@Batman Maybe you could use bodyA:testOverlap(bodyB), if you want to know when bodies are touching. It’s a boolean value. It worked for me.