Collection of Codea Tutorials

This is just a quick comment - mostly aimed at @Ignatz and @ReefWing. Having reviewed a few of your (both of your’s) tutorials - which are EXCELLENT BTW - I was wondering if either of you had considered collating them all together into a single eBook (ePub / PDF) and releasing them as a paid volume.

Just a thought. To everyone else - feel free to add your own encouragement to this thread if you think it’ll help :slight_smile:

There is a real need for an up to date set of tutorials on creating an app from a Codea program. That is an area I have not covered at all.

I’m hoping to sumbit my first Codea app just before iTunes connect closes for Christmas on the 22nd Dec, so I’d be happy to contribute my findings if anyone is going to do this (feel free to PM me)

looking forward your updated how-to-make-an-app tuto

@Reefwing - have you thought about approaching Envato ( - they often publish (and pay for) complete tutorials - they’ve done a few on Corona in the past, they’d probably be interested in your Minesweeper tutorial - especially with the iAP / Gamecenter / Universal build setup.

Although you might want to update it when 2.1 comes out (hopefully next week) to take advantage of any new addons.

@TechDojo - I’ve collated my blogs into 5 separate ebooks so far…

all free :-*

I know - and they are great, but at last count you have over 130 blog articles all about Codea and I think there’s more than a few Codea users that owe you a beer - as well as any new users to the platform.

Your series on developing your 3D dungeon is worth a book on it’s own (IMHO)

Hi @TechDojo - thanks and interesting you should mention this. I have started collating and updating my material for the latest version of Codea into an iBook (since I already have a publication account with Apple and Amazon make it hard to publish from Australia) but it is a heap of effort.

I would be happy to collaborate on this as well if other folks wanted to contribute a few chapters.

If I thought there was a demand I would put more time into it…