Collaborative Projects

Is anyone interested in collaborating on Codea projects? I see a lot of neat code snippets and some interesting programs, but wondering if anyone wants to work on something together. I know that there are some great coders, designers, artists and everyone is trying to make their own thing. If we pool talent, you might actually get that dream realized.

For me, I’m new to Codea and learning quick. I’m also a pretty good pixel artist and good digital artist. Anyone else interested?

I’m alright with Codea and would love to get something real out there. I do not too amazing, but pretty good vector art. I make fonts too, but thats not much help though. In also alright with websites, but not at database programming, so I wouldn’t be good with the network stuff in 1.4. I have other services too that I could help with. Shoot me a PM (private message), or a message at Nathan.flurry on Skype. I dot like sharing my email, but of you have to, I’ll give it to you.