Coding section on iTunes

Has anyone seen the “Learning to Code” section under “Education” on the Apps Store?

No I have never seen the section :-B

Woah. Nice. They’ve finally go some sense. Now we just need a developer section on the App Store.

Did you notice that the app at the bottom left, called ’ Cato’s Hike: a Programming and Logic Odyssey ’ uses the Codea spritepack ‘Planet Cute?’

@Ric_Esrey, the majority of the Codea sprites are actually made by Daniel Cook, a pixel artist. In Codea you can get linked to his website from the sprite browser or credits.
Note: the Cargo Bot sprite pack is made by Simeon.

I’m currently beta testing the Hopscotch app, it’s like a simplified version of Scratch for the ipad aimed at little kids - my 8yr old daughter loves it. I’d strongly recommend it to any one looking to get their (young) kids into coding!