Coding glitch since latest update

.@Simeon When I go to try and edit my code Ive noticed that my cursor isnt always where it appears to be. Usually I code in Portrait then would switch to Landscape and hit return to break apart my code to see where I was at and worked around it.

Now even in Landscape its happening, worse yet? My code has now gone missing each time I try to break it apart. I dont know if anyone else got the last update but there was another one just yesterday.

hi, just installed Codea and I experienced a similar…possibly the same issue. Attempting to edit a line of code and noticed that as I delete (backspace), text is appearing in place of deletion from a completely different line of code. Very strange!! I could not edit the code and so copy pasted it into a new project to try and salvage it - not really handy but that worked. I also tried closing Codea and restarting everything and so far no further problem. Will report back if it happens again!

I had this happen occasionally prior to this past update. i usually just restart the app.

ok… well I am still experiencing problems - to be more specific (in case it can be fixed) I try to edit a line of code by deleting something only to discover that characters in the line below it have been deleted and where the cursor moves to, new characters appear duplicated from further along that same line of code creating total gibberish which I then have to edit also!
As I am new to Codea and learning Lua for the first time, I am creating many different projects with snippets of code using copy / paste, moving back and forth between projects all the time slowly piecing things together trying to get my head around it. Pretty normal noob behaviour I guess?
It’s working and not such a huge problem and closing the app and restarting it (or the project I am working in for that matter) solves the issue, however, every now and again I am getting a little confused and having to recode sections that previously worked because of course as I exit the defunct project, it saves all the edited gibberish! In some ironic way I think it’s helping me learn much faster but it would be nice if it didn’t happen! :wink:

I run into editing problems also, mostly when the search or reference window is open. That’s probable similar to trying to edit long lines of code that also wrap to the next one. I also have problems with the magnifying area not moving and then disappearing from the screen when my finger moves inside of it.

If my code runs over a couple of lines without hard wrapping, sometimes it won’t render properly on screen and I have to break it up before I can see it properly. (But I love Codea enough to work around it :X )

Sorry about these editor problems, everyone. I’m working on a fix for them, but the fix is basically a rewrite of the editor. So it’s going to take some time (there will be updates for other important features released in the mean time).

Same here, i just ignore it

Thank @Simeon, its not a deal breaker just a minor annoyance.