Codify Renaming To Codea Soon

Due to the request of a third party, Codify will be renamed to Codea as of the next update. We love the name Codify but are required to change it.

To us, the name Codea represents a combination of Code and Ideas. We think it’s the philosophy best represented by this App.

Let us know what you think.

As Shakespeare had said: “what is in a name?”, personally I don’t really care what your app will be named. The most important thing is the app works wonderfully (less bugs and more features). Codea or Codeas sound pretty nice though. :slight_smile:

Thanks bee! More bugs, less features, got it.

Hahaha… Other users seem don’t care either. So, Codea it is. :slight_smile:

From google search - Codea stands for C++ Object-Oriented Development
Environment for Apache.

Sounds OK to me. I’m just impressed with the quality and price of the app!

scheerjl: That project seems to be abandoned.

Name change update has been submitted. Lots of bug fixes but was not able to add the sharing features as it could risk getting rejected, they will be added as soon as this update is approved.

I have a better name for you. How about ‘Freaking Awesome App’? Ok, maybe Apple won’t approve that… Just a thought! :slight_smile:

Codify name is also used in a lot of stuff on the inet so, it’s a change for the better, :smiley:

In spanish “codea” means “write code” :smiley:

juaxix: that’s pretty cool. I was afraid it might mean something dirty in a different language :stuck_out_tongue:

First, great app. Well done.

As for the new name, it sounds similar to the Mac editor Coda? Not sure if that matters but it crossed my mind so I thought I’d say.

We tend to pronounce it like Cod-ay-ah or Cod-ee-ah (like idea). Its a similar sound to Coda, but still fairly distinct.

Oh I see, I was pronouncing it differently.

Best of luck with a great app guys

I really like codify :frowning:

So do we, @atlasf. The new name has kind of grown on us though, we just wish Apple would let the official rename update through so we can stop thinking about it.

I am thinking about buying this app, it is still listed as ‘Codify’ in the App Store. Should I wait for the renamed app to be available or should I go ahead and get it now and update when the new version releases? In other words, is there any worry about having to update post rename?

Hi @Cheffords, The update will simply rename the App on your iPad. I believe it’s no different to any normal application update, except it changes the name as well (all your data is preserved).

Awesome, thanks. I have purchased and already have the beginnings of a tic tac toe game.

Hey! I’m not sure if this is relevant but u guys might want to think about moving the Codea website to I wisited it just now (thinking it was your site) and saw a notice saying the domain is for sale.